Canada Day 2021


    Due to COVID-19 and the recent discovery of mass unmarked graves at old residential school this Canada day was tough for everyone involved, whether that was because of planning around COVID-19 or because of the troubling discoveries of over 1,000 unmarked graves. So many events where cancelled this year, however many events where still put on through an online and an in person format.   

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 Canada day events in Alberta list


1.  Calgary Downtown Fireworks

2.  Calgary Events and Food recipes 

3. Calgary Fireworks

 Edmonton and Greater Edmonton Area

1.  Canada day and Indigenous history in Canada reflection

2. Spruce Grove Canada day reflection   

3. Stony Plain Canada day Reflection 

4. Downtown Edmonton Fireworks info and reflection    

5. Canada day reflection, crafts and recipes

6.  Edmonton Canada day Reflection 

7. Canada Day 21' Reflection 

8. Canada day 2021 Edmonton reflection




Canada Day 2020

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada’s 153rd birthday will be celebrated by Canadians very differently across the country. This year more than ever, Canada Day is an important national celebration that will bring many Canadians together virtually. Multiple cities have planned livestreams for events to celebrate at home and online. FACTSnet has compiled information about these events to share with the public, because even though we may be apart physically, we can still celebrate together. 

To see events in specific locations, please click on the area that you are interested in below. 


  1. Calgary Canada Day 

  2. Edmonton (Central) Canada Day 

  3. Edmonton (Manning) Canada Day 

  4. Edmonton (West) Canada Day 

  5. Edmonton (Millwoods) Canada Day

  6. Edmonton (Strathcona) Canada Day

  7. Leduc Canada Day

  8. Sherwood Park Canada Day 

  9. St.Albert Canada Day 

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